Before you Embark on a Uganda Safari. (5 Things)

October 3, 2019 By Eddie Ssemakula | Swanair travel

There are many ways to get to Uganda, but there are not many ways to make sure your next Safari is what you want it to be, affordably, having served in Uganda’s travel business for more than two decades now, we are happy to take you through five considerations you should consider before you get here.

  1. Consider a professional Safari company.The recent prominence of Uganda’s tourism means a myriad of tour operators exist in the region, in the age of fake news, caution is necessary. Reviewing the Safari Company that supplies your itinerary is critical, more so, asking questions about weather, routes, checking association memberships are key. Travel Websites are never enough, always double-check locations and phone contacts. Likewise, go with those who have been to a particular destination before, routes on Uganda safari call for those that are most authentic.  You don’t want to start on the wrong footing.2. Look at the expertise

    Uganda is a diverse ethnic country, not everybody knows about everything, be cautious not to fall for it, with attractions ranging from birding locations, gorilla trekking, white water rafting, safari companies can only find specialty in a few, not all, wisdom here means you conduct your own location research and double-check with your safari company.  The Uganda Wildlife Authority platform often offers good verification checks for your travel. So in sum, plan best with those most authentic and familiar with your area of interest.

    3. Process travel requirements early.

    Yellow fever immunization, visas, weather changes can all affect travel and eventually your Safari, priority means you set out early to process your visa (now with options online)  early discourse with your travel seller is likely to resolve many of these encumbrances early. Alternatively, you could let us handle this from the word go. Our ticketing department with over two decades of experience means subsidized ticket costs are possible, if you tell us early enough, not to mention that it is already quite a good way to spare some more as you head to the African jungles.

    4. Expect to be blown away.

    Many travelling to Uganda, first time or not, under-estimate what they are likely to see with their naked eye in the National parks, I personally recall taking a long morning drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park only expecting bare minimum, an hour or so later, I couldn’t believe my eyes as two majestic lions lay by the side of a narrow path, and eventually, one male with a fully grown mane, decided to walk in front of our car bumper–totally oblivious to our stunned passenger selves. The experience was chilling; I kept imagining what would happen to my earthly life if I suddenly popped the door open! Yeah, these are the kind of encounters you are likely to experience visiting Uganda; everything is right before your eyes, quite unbelievably!

    5. Have your tools in order.

    The next best National Geographic photo could have your name on it, yes! this is what Uganda is famous for – breathtaking scenery, from the Rwenzori heights to the Kyambura valleys, great sightings and therefore great cameras are a good carry-on.  With Uganda’s kind of scenery, you don’t need to be a professional to take the next desktop wallpaper, right here in our vast national parks.

    Whether its birding in Uganda or white water rafting, Gorilla trekking or mountain hiking, Talk to our travel advisor today, hear from somebody that understands the region, the routes, the locations,  the ticketing and visa process – everything in one, get talking with our travel consultants –

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