Busting the Seven African Travel Myths.

October 8, 2019 By Eddie Ssemakula | Swanair travel

Traveling to Africa can turn out a confusing and surprising adventure for many; here we bust seven misconceptions about coming here. 

For years, safari enthusiasts have embarked on an adventures in the wild regions of Africa, the result of that has been a series of untested conclusions about traveling by road in Africa, the bad news is that they still remain common and the good news is that you don’t need to believe in any of them. 

1. There are no travel options inside Africa apart from road transport. 
Many coming to Africa carry assumptions that traveling by road is the only viable means of transport available. Recent trends indicate a change in Africa’s skyline with more private chartered flights now operating inland. Safari enthusiasts ought to realize that traveling by road is not the only option, more charter flights can be booked, and the presence of airfields in remote locations where attractions are is possible. As African airports reportedly expand, flights to Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda, for example, make use of Kajjansi and Kihihi airfields to transport those traveling for gorilla trekking in South Western Uganda. It’s also worth noting that the acceleration of resource mining and humanitarian activity inside Africa necessities the presence of standardized airfields. 

2. I’d have to pay more.

Of course, you will, but isn’t the aerial experience worth it? Smaller or larger teams traveling to Africa may be convinced that flying while on traveling inside Africa is not feasible considering their number, or lack thereof. Not the case, budget travel is on the rise in Africa, and negotiable rates should put even your slightest of fears at rest. 

3. The only best safari experiences are by road. 

It’s understandable from some aggregate travel experiences that visiting Africa are best experienced by road, no doubt,  but flying within Africa is underestimated too, many aerial experiences have gone untold, and it’s high time one more person trumpeted the thrills of safari by air

4. Time abounds 
Most travel enthusiasts, having filled their suitcase for the trip rarely consider the time-consuming nature of winding dusty roads in remote Africa, often slippery and unpaved.  It’s therefore important that those who set up to experience Africa’s nature and wildlife keep time-conscious and reserve more time at the attraction itself rather than on the way there. Traveling by air, therefore, stands as the best option especially when time is at stake, which is always the case.  

5. My emergency is obvious.  

Tropical weather still poses many dangers than traveling to Africa anticipate, whether it is about of malaria or a fractured leg, you need a trusted travel advisor to get you out of danger, road travel often allows limited access to standard medical facilities, especially in rural settings. Compared to road travel, traveling by air allows the flexibility that in turn makes access to the best few health facilities in Africa timely and convenient, therefore putting your life out of danger. 

6. My Itinerary is Inflexible. 

Covering your planned circuit by road often means you only go to the places you are supposed to go, but nature cannot always be dictated, and a horde of elephants may emerge unexpected or you may notice a crater lake on top of the mountain and only flexible safari plan can allow. 

7. Africa is the same as seen from above

This prime myth still abounds, and charter services exist to debunk it with exceptional aerial experiences that will leave your camera memory card full. There is no telling the exhilaration that stems out a good aerial shot, this you have to experience on your own to confirm. Good thing you now have more reasons to do so. 

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