No Uganda, No East African Safari

October 8, 2019 By Eddie Ssemakula | Swanair travel

Uganda’s uniqueness has risen with the global moment, for example, alongside Rwanda, the country is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas co-shared in the Virunga escarpment at Bwindi, but that’s not all there is from this landlocked country. 

It’s water bodies carry an amazing capacity to startle, from Albert to Victoria, to Bunyonyi, George, Edward, Mburo – sigh!

In the far North East, Kidepo Valley national park has been described by CNN as “overshadowed by the brooding mountainscape of Mount Morungole (the sacred peak of the mysterious Ik people)

Birding in Uganda carries enormous potential too with attractions in Mabamba bay Wetland, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Queen Elizabeth national park, among other places. 

Uganda is also host to the world’s longest river world’s longest river at 6,650km, the Nile, which runs its way through Sudan, Egypt ending in the Mediterranian Sea. White water rafting at the source of the Nile in Jinja is also a favorite for many seeking kayaking experiences. 

The country that Winston Churchhill once called “the pearl of Africa” has enough resources to live up to its name.

Neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, even with their own commendable attractions, barely measure up in terms of water body capacity, a huge consideration for tourists seeking to sight water beasts like hippopotamus and crocodile. 

Queen Elizabeth National park in Western Uganda is renowned for its tree-climbing lions at Ishasha, and that’s just one region – Southwestern Uganda. Up north, Chobe Safari Lodge commands a riverside experience that once got Grammy award winning American rapper Kanye West setting up dome to record a music album in 2018.