Frequently asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about booking a safari. We're here to set your mind at ease, if you don't see your question here, send us an email, we love to talk to you!

International Airlines fly through Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport located 40 km from the capital, Kampala. As an alternative route, Uganda can also be accessed from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, albeit with longer passage. Airport transfers are often embedded in your local operator arrangement, International ride companies like Uber are also available to facilitate in country movements whenever necessary.

Uganda visas can be processed online or at the country’s International Airport, Entebbe, a relative fees structure is included in the application process. An East African visa process can also be pursued as soon as entry in first country is granted.

Uganda Observes East African time throughout the year, which is 3 hours ahead of the coordinated Universal time.

The currency of exchange is Uganda shillings; dollar and visa cards are widely a means especially in urban areas, other currency is advisably better to be exchanged before upcountry departures.

A yellow fever certificate is mandated for all, one year and older. This certificate is valid 10 days after vaccination. Mosquito repellant and sunscreen are key carry ons for some destinations.

English is the widely used language in multi-ethnic Uganda, where necessary, local interpreters can be accessed through a tour operator. “mzungu” is the widely used friendly reference to foreign “white” tourists among the highly hospital cultures of Uganda.

Uganda generally experiences two rainy seasons a year, advisably, jungle and safari experiences are best experienced in dry seasons, June-August, and December to February.

The best camera accessible to you on the market should be in your company, a binocular especially for bird-watching enthusiasts is also in order.

Tropical food is abundant in Uganda, vegetables for example can be cheaply accessed on the local market, and our 5 star hotel network can also be trusted to serve you specialized national or cultural cuisines. Kampala’s night life also gives you access to range of variety brew and lager.

Depending on the season, light fabric is good to carry, boots for rough and slippery terrains, a rain jacket and a hat are in order, locations and travel advisors can always fittingly guide through this process. .

Local soveniers, including exceptional African art, drums, jewelley, clothng can be accessed on the local market affordably; exchanged Ugandan currency can afford you this luxury. A special “sweet small banana” delicacy type is also present on major Uganda upcountry routes, local currency at hand is likely to help you access this too.

A local simcard should be accessed on the market as soon as possible, but local networks also allow for international calls, internet penetration is widespread in urban areas, but carrying a mobile router may turn out a necessary convienince.

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