Semuliki National Park

4 Days | 3 Nights Destinations: Uganda

Visit the female and male hotsprings, lying at the base of mountain rwenzori, stretching flat to the Dr congos Ituri Forest.

Full Itinerary

Have an early morning breakfast and quickly swing in action for chimpanzee tracking, deep into the forest.

Return to the lodge for lunch and later launch a swamp walking expedition through the Bigodi area of swamps and papyrus, in search for bird species including:

  • White-spotted Flufftail,
  • Blue-headed Coucal,
  • Blue-breasted Kingfisher,
  • Yellow-billed Barbet,
  • Scaly-throated Honey guide,
  • Scaly-breasted Illadopsis,
  • Blue-shouldered¬†
  • Snowy-headed Robin-Chats,
  • Black-faced Rufous Warbler
  • The Great Blue Turacos


The park is composed of permanent rain forest representing a fascinating diversity of animals and boosts the highest concentration of the endangered chimpanzees across Africa. It is therefore the best destination across Africa for Chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation.

Other animals on the check list may include:
  • Red colobus monkey,
  • Black and white colobus monkey,
  • Blue monkey
  • Grey-cheeked mangabey,
  • Red tailed monkey,
  • Bush babies¬†
  • Pottos
  • Elephants,
  • forest buffaloes,
  • bush pigs. well as over 325 bird species and counts of butterfly species and a total number of 250 tree species are recorded.

The park is nicknamed a birding haven, for the multiplicity of birds and the ease with which these are viewed.

on the checklist, a committed birder can view over 100 species a day.

Semeliki National Park is located in Bwamba County, a remote part of the Bundibugyo District, in western Uganda. It was made a national park in October 1993 and is one of Uganda's newest national parks.

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All activities in the Itinerary, transport and accommodation.

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Personal expenses.

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