Mountaineering Safaris

East Africa is a very ideal safari destination for all travelers interested in taking on Hiking/ Mountaineering Adventures on holiday tour.

The Mountains around the region have so many experiences to offer to all with beautiful green Rain Forests, Shimmering Glaciers, Bamboo Vegetation zones that you can spot on your way through to the top of these majestic platforms. The hiking/ Mountaineering process requires you to walk, hike with your Hiking Gear.Hiking Volcanoes is very ideal for beginners since these take less days as well as hours compared to Mountain Climbing which may take Days.

What to Carry For Your Hiking Safari in East Africa

While on your Mountaineering/ Hiking Safari Tours in East Africa we recommend you carry / hire the right hiking Gear to enjoy every moment as you transfer to the top. These include; Rain Jacket, Hiking Boots, Warm Stockings, Gardening Gloves, long sleeved Shirts, Long Pants not jeans, camera, Extra Batteries.

Mountaineering Destinations/ Mountains of Uganda

Uganda has several high mountains that offer hikers thrilling adventures while on their holiday in Africa. These include Mountain Rwenzori and other several mountains.

Mountain Rwenzori