Rwenzori Mountain located in South Western Uganda is partly located in Kasese district and supports glaciers. The mountains regularly attract hikers and mountaineering enthusiasts.

A 6-hour drive from Kampala, the mountains are also host to Rwenzori national park home to Johnston Chameleons endemic to Uganda. Flights to the Rwenzori take an average of one hour 45 minutes and can be booked through Uganda flight services like Aerolink and Fly Uganda.

The Bakonzo tribe is dominant in the region that inhabits the ranges that were once called “Mountains of the moon” because of their snow-capped tops.

Activities and Accommodation

Large plant Specie types known as “everlasting flowers” that can be enjoyed for years dominate most of the mountain ranges and are a spectacle to behold. Flora trekking is also a common activity there. Two of Rwenzori’s ascents are Margherita peak at 16763 feet and mount Speke), getting there is a fascinating experience altogether.

Trekking Mountain Rwenzori continues to draw travel enthusiasts with several trails common in the area, including Kilembe. 5 star-Accommodations there can be accessed at Mountains of the Moon hotel in Fort portal among others. Travelers have also remarked that the sound of the trumpet sounds better in these mountains than anywhere else. Rwenzori national park generally features fascinating biodiversity too.

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