Kabaka’s Lake: A Ugandan Lake owned by man, not country

Ancient Buganda History is rife with cultural heritage. Buganda, one of the oldest African kingdoms, has a lot to show in terms of heritage conservation. Kabaka’s lake was built by hand in the 1880s by Kabaka Mwanga, who was inspired for a variety of reasons to carve out the lake near his equally historic Mengo palace.

Kabaka’s Lake: Internet Photo

The Buganda kingdom has often treasured a water body known as the “Kabaka’s Lake”. This lake was formed or constructed in the 1880s, during Kabaka Mwanga’s reign, motivated by the multiple conflicts with missionaries, he carved out an escape route through Lake Victoria, whilst danger on land abound.

The dugout, located 5 kilometers from Kampala Capital City on Nabunya Road and Ring Road in Ndeeba, is much more than a man-made structure.

Dug between 1884 and 1888 on orders of Daniel Mwanga II . The Buganda King himself took part in the excavation with the intention of carving out an escape route to Lake Nalubaale (now known as Victoria). A tunnel was supposed to connect him to his other palace in Munyonyo, where his kingdom’s trade thrived the most.

As any other lake, Kabaka’s lake has also got some islands on it which have trees that are home to bird nests, which creates a beautiful scenery around.

Does it have an inlet? Does it have an outlet? you have to figure this with your own eyes, it is well understood when you are on the ground, marveling at the innovation it is, questions like these persist.

This is the only lake with Sprimes, so the water level never changes regardless of the season, can you believe it?

Kabaka’s lake is a liquid storyteller; the largest man-made lake in Uganda is still surrounded by Baganda clans, in a peri-urban space threatened by rapid urbanization from a nearby business center.

This is a lake owned by man and not country, making it unique from all others around the country, this is the King’s Lake, add it to your itinerary, we will gladly take you there. .

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