An Enjoyment Guide To Uganda For A Tik Tok User

Tik Tok has risen to be one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, especially for the youthful audience. More than half of all Tik Tok users are below the age of 32, with 32.9% of them between the ages of 15-19, according to analytics site omnicoreagency.com. The strength of this app is its reliance on appealing to the visual and audio senses. It allows content creators to capture and manipulate sights and sounds for their audiences, which sights and sounds are offered in large diversity by Uganda’s rich nature basket. So dear Tik Toker, here are a few Uganda Travel Tips for keeping your followers hooked to your account when you travel down to the Pearl Of Africa.


Gorilla Trekking

Welcome to Uganda, or the home to the second largest mountain gorilla population in the world, according to WWF. In the Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National Park found in South-wester Uganda, you get a chance to walk through the thick tropic terrain in search of this gigantic cousins of man. Along the way, you will see various plant and insect species and hear the different voices of nature. Ofcourse you will see the large dominant male gorillas called the Silverbacks and their families. You may even touch them and feed them if your guide allows it. How about a video of you having a conversation with one of these guys? This is one of the Uganda Travel Tips guaranteed to get your audience engaged!


Potential TikTokers taking photos of a mountain gorilla, another Uganda Travel Tip

Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park


Bird Watching

According to nature site Mongabay.com, Uganda ranks 4th in Africa and 16th Worldwide in terms of bird species. With 999 different species available for site with their different colours, sizes and sounds, these inhabitants of the air provide for good subjects for the camera. From the way they find food to how build their nests and the varied melodies they sing by day or night; you will have plenty of content looking out for them. They are easy to see in Southwestern Uganda in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Bird watching is another Uganda Travel Tip to get your TikTok audience engaged

Bird watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park


Morning Canoe Rides

On the shores of Lake Albert and George, and also those of Lake Kyoga, you get a chance to sail into the waters as early as 6:30 am with the early rising fishermen. While the sun reflects on the water, all you hear is the swashing as the oars paddle the canoe further into the lake. Along the way, you will pass by families of hippos that will be sleeping off a night of nocturnal activity. You can capture the sleeping hippo families, the early morning catch and the rising sun dazzling the waters.

Uganda Travel Tips - Canoeing on Lake Victoria

Canoe rides on lake Kyoga


Mountain and Hill Climbing

There are quite a number of high peaks in Uganda for you to climb. You have the Rwenzori ranges in the SouthWest that cross the snowline, Wanale Hill in Mbale and Mountain Moroto in Karamoja. You can literally give your followers an aerial view of the towns and terrain below, or just be yourself and enjoy the heights.

Mountain climbing on Mountain Rwenzori


White water Rafting

Hopefully your phone is water proof because the rapids of river Nile can be unforgiving. You will be well strapped in your floater boats and you will go up and down the rapids, sometimes completely going under the water. Be sure to capture this moment; you are rafting down the Nile, the longest river in the world. Your followers wouldn’t want to miss that

White water rafting on R. Nile


Bungee Jumping

Once again, the Nile is the gift that keeps giving. The Nile Bungee jump offers 44 metres of height, with the first jump allowing you to only kiss the Nile and be taken right back up. You can have this moment on camera right from your first jump until the rope is done oscillating and if you are an adrenaline junkie, this will leave you highly satisfied.

Bungee jumping in Jinja


For all these activities, we recommend having a guide with you all the time, for maximum experience and safety. If you have that ticked, clean your camera, charge your device and bring your Tik Tok followers to the Pearl of Africa’s crown.


Not sure what activities to do when you get to Uganda? No worries, we’ve curated some of the most exciting Uganda Safaris on our Safaris page. Don’t hesitate to check them out 🙂


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Before you read my story, I really hope you are above 18. 

I’m Vicky, by the way. I could say that over time I have had an active, if not exciting dating life. It has taught me that if there’s anything amazing about a partner, it should be a level of spontaneity to their character. An attractive randomness about them that may have you doing things that have probably never crossed your mind. 

I found that in Noni, this South African dude I met while we were at the University. He kept telling me much about travelling to Africa and this little country called Uganda. Apparently, it is the pearl of the whole continent and I have come to believe that after we travelled there 3 years ago. If you have grown up in the US like me and you have a chance to travel to Africa, please go to Uganda. Lush waterfalls, calm lakes, the longest river in the world and fresh green covering all over. A bustling city in Kampala, friendly people in other towns and dangerously delicious cuisines. It is like a melting point of everything a traveller would want. I dare say so myself and I am not even that passionate about travel. 

Aerial view of Kampala City

Anyway, in the summer of 2018, Noni drags me to Africa (I did mention that travel isn’t really my thing, right?) He said we would go to so many countries but we would start with Uganda. He had spent his high school there and had a couple of friends, who treated us to one of the wildest nights out in Kampala before we would proceed to a Safari Lodge called Paraa, on the banks of River Nile. One of Noni’s more talkative friends was busy raving on about its close proximity with Murchison falls which tempted me to quickly check their website. It read boldly that “The earth literally trembles at Murchison Falls-one of the world’s most powerful flows of natural water” and that is all I needed to know. I was very excited because it is one thing being in a new city and totally another going to the wild. 

The Murchison Falls

I would really be glad to tell you every detail of the journey to Paraa, but maybe I will do so on a later date. Everything stood out like a mercurial highlight and I was looking around excitedly like a rural child coming to the city for the first time. However, even then my sense of caution still found time to seep through my excitement and I asked Noni why we were in his friend’s car and not a tour company. 

“You worry too much Vicky” he said in a clearly spiked tone. We had reached a place called Wobulenzi and Noni had been drinking since we set off from Kampala. 

“Our driver is non-alcoholic and this country is really free. We are going to have a great time with or without a tour company” he added. Somehow, Noni’s reassurances always worked. Typical of a spontaneous person. 

We finally reached Paraa, a few minutes to 6pm. Maybe it was the alcohol or just the character of Noni and his friends, but we all came to a universal decision that maybe camping out there in the wild wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Noni’s friend (the driver) said he could find a nice guide who would see to it that we enjoy the rest of the evening and secure us a nice safe place with tents at a cheaper cost. 

“I mean, this is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Imagine spending it in the same warm shower rooms like you do in the States! Sleeping outside is better to write home about, don’t you think?” He added quite convincingly and off we were to find the guide. 

It didn’t take us long to locate Okot, the guide who hurriedly showed us an open ground and found us tents. He secured us a spot under a big tree that I had never seen in my life. He said it is called Musizi,

and was home to a leopard for the last 8 years. I was scared for our safety but Okot quickly added that the creature never harmed anyone. My gut almost agreed that the whole leopard thing was nothing but mere folklore.

Tree climbing leopards in Murchison falls National Park

“Now hurry up and set up. We need to go and see the sunset at the falls. It would be sad if you miss it” Okot mentioned. 

I have seen a number of beautiful things in my life and in my dreams, but I could swear that none matches that sunset. First, the sky and clouds turned a golden yellow over the falls. The falls were rumbling violently while the sky was calm and composed. A few minutes later, the sun started creeping down behind the shrubs that shored the Nile. With the sun’s travel, the sky started to redden. Its warm rays glowed upon the falls, which gave them a dancing little effect off the water. Then the sun blazoned red, before following its trail to the other side home. The sky too lost its redness and maintained a casual blue. The water looked whiter than ever and I could swear it was the most calming sight. No wonder we all watched in silence, sipping on our drinks and when the whole show was over, the only intervention was the exclamation “wow”. You guessed right; it came from me. 

Sunsets in Uganda

You could think that all had gone well. You are wrong. In the night, in the arms of my Noni who was snoring like a generator, I heard a grunt from outside. Then another and a third. I peeped through the transparent drape that covered the tent entrance and there, in flesh, were three hippos grazing right outside the tent. One was agonizingly close I could touch it. I felt the irresistible urge to wake Noni up but before I could, I felt the tent shake. That shake woke Noni up for me and in his half-drunk-half asleep stupor he asked me what was happening. The answer was the most unexpected; our tent came flying right off its hooks! The hippos, probably intrigued by the shape of the thing, kept knocking at it until they toppled it over! 

Wildlife Safaris – The Hippopotamus

In falling off, a sharp stick ripped through it and lo-we were exposed! Noni stood sharply, grabbed my hand and butt naked as we were, started running towards the Musizi tree. There was no time to look for Okot or to call on his friends. It was time to secure safety. 

He shot up the tree with lightning speed and perched up on a branch. Then he held out his hand and beckoned to me to climb too. Never in my life have I climbed anything, let alone a tree that had such a large plain trunk. But when Noni shouted “Vickyyy!” and I looked back only to entertain the horrifying sight of a charging hippo, I knew my options were limited. I was up the tree in seconds. I don’t know how and please don’t ask me. 

I choose not to remember that there was no leopard up that tree. I choose to ignore the memory of spending an uncomfortable night up a tree. The only memories I keep are of the breathtaking sunset, the night out in Kampala, Noni’s wild friends and the unparalleled beauty Uganda has to offer. 

Noni and I will be getting married next year. We have a lifetime to do so many crazy things, but I am never letting him take me to see any place without contracting a reputed Safari company. 

The above piece is a work of fiction, to show the unmissable importance of travelling with SwanAir Travel & Tours. However, the names of places and references to the scenic beauty of Uganda are real.