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Taking time off from work or your usual surrounding can make one feel happier, healthier and more productive on return. Today, family getaways are very important because we have moved past the old age homestead setting and therefore hardly see some members of the family. Although family getaways can be looked at as very stressful and expensive, they’re very necessary and their value is unimaginable. Usually, what makes up the most stressful aspect of travel of any kind, whether a solo trip or family getaway, is actually figuring out the travel details. Details like when is the most convenient time to travel, the preferred destination, which activities are available at a specific destination and so on. However, that should not be a problem anymore. There’s an option of getting a travel partner/consultant. The expertise and experience of travel consultants not only eases decision making on travel details but also, avails a wide range of travel packages in different budget ranges.

Family travel selfie

Family selfie while on vacation

The best gift you can give to those you love is time. Spending time with one another has a magical effect of shaping perspective and generally how you relate with the rest of the world. Your travel days need not come to an end because you have got children now. Family travel often adds more value to the travel experience compared to travelling solo where your focus might be diverted to work. During your family getaway, there’s vast opportunities that facilitate Family bonding, especially through activities. Activities like building sandcastles, boat rides, hiking, playing beach soccer or beach volleyball are a great way for parents to bond with children and vice versa. Family travels are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory,” according to psychologist Oliver James. Travel experiences become “happiness anchors” for children, who then use the memories created as reminders of more positive life-moments. In the long run, a family travel experience will enhance long-term self-esteem within children by subconsciously telling them that you care about their well being and they have your full attention.

enjoying the beach during family travel

Family enjoying the beach together

In most cases, travel is simply looked at as a way to get away from the usual or the ordinary  (escapism). However, beyond the change in environment, it also serves as an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the destination by connecting with the culture and people present. Such awareness and awakening, has far reaching value to the children even more than it does with adults. It opens up their eyes and mind to a new world, different from the ordinary surrounding. Giving your children such a gift of experience instead of something materialistic creates stronger bonds between you and them. “The reason experiential gifts are more socially connecting is that they tend to be more emotionally evocative,” states psychologist Cindy Chan. “An experiential gift elicits a strong emotional response when a recipient consumes it—like the fear and awe of a safari adventure or the excitement of a rock concert—and is more intensely emotional than a material possession.”

Family capturing beautiful moments while on travel.


For children, family travel is also an opportunity to learn. That beyond the adrenaline rush activities and the excitement, their attention is bound to be drawn to how different that destination is from home. The difference in culture, language, general way of life of people in the community, historical artifacts and the environments, opens up their mind to think beyond what they knew or had seen. Such exposure to new experiences makes children more sensitive to differences and accommodating of divergent views. Children that travel often are more likely to dream bigger and aim for the finer things in life compared to those that don’t. They get to appreciate that there is so much more in the world beyond what they thought they knew, hence more ambitious and determined to work harder and see their dreams come true.

Family bonding during enjoying a travel experience.

Beyond the inconvenience of not being able to get away from the family aspect of your life, occasional family travel  undoubtedly creates quality time for all family members. This quality time presents an opportunity to get to know yourselves better and to connect with your kids on a level not normally reached during our day-to-day. Getting to understand what excites or scares your children, what their goals and dreams are and all other tiny details concerning their lifestyle and well being, enables parents to guide children better. It’s these shared experiences and quality time that brings (and keeps) families together. Travel is a great way to break comfort zones together, encourage one another and to teach children that they have to be resourceful. Experiencing the challenges that come with travel also shows them strength and problem-solving skills they may have otherwise been unaware of, resulting in better decision-making in their futures. Travel is a space in which you can let them fail, make choices, think critically, and show them what life is truly about.

Family spending quality time together in the view of a sunset.

While on your family travel vacation, it is important to make sure that you make days count rather than to count days. According to Dr. Seuss, sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Make those beautiful memories together as a family and they will live with you forever. About the trouble of planning a great family getaway, you need not stress about that anymore either. Simply contact Swanair Travel and Safaris through, +256776515014 or visit for any assistance with planning your dream getaway. With Swanair, comes the option of saving for your travel through regular deposits of your choice, to the Swanair travel wallet. It’s easy, quick and convenient but most importantly, onboarding is at no cost. To onboard for the travel savings option, simply register via this form. This is your year, make that dream travel experience a reality.

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