A rugby match is in full swing at the Kyadondo Rugby Club

A Guide to Kampala

As it’s popularly been said around the city: Kampala si biziimbe which means, ‘Kampala is not just buildings’. It is indeed way more than structures; it is people, food, culture, and life! If you are wondering what Kampala’s creative and social landscape has to offer, here are seven pointers to get you started.

For Art lovers: If you love art, Kampala has a great deal to offer. A visit to the Uganda National Theatre on Dewinton Road is sure to give you inspiration and a taste of Uganda’s talented pool. The National Theatre screens plays, movies, dances, talks from Ugandan creative groups and individuals, book clubs, poetry nights, and more. Kampala also has art galleries such as the Afriart Gallery, Nommo Gallery, and Umoja Art Gallery, all with a diverse display of Ugandan history and experiences.

Source: Umoja Art Gallery

For history and culture lovers: A tour around the Uganda National Museum will have you both intrigued and informed about Uganda’s history. From the cultural origins to geographical facts, the Uganda Museum library has an array of Ugandan artifacts, history, books from Ugandan writers over the years, and much more. The Ndere Cultural Center in Ntinda is on your list of places to visit to witness great cultural exhibitions including traditional dances, storytelling among others. The Kasubi Tombs which are a burial ground for Buganda kings will give you a glimpse into the Ugandan cultural setting before colonial times.

The Uganda Museum Source: guide2uganda.ug

For party people: Kampala is a city that never sleeps. If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with party people and have a good time, you are in the right place. Band nights, karaoke, quiz nights and old school nights are some of the popular themes you will enjoy.

Acacia Avenue in Kololo and Bandali Rise in Bugolobi are home to some of Kampala’s most popular bars such as The Alchemist, The Vault, Kenjis, and many more.

The Alchemist Kampala, Bugolobi Source: passportandpixels.om

For Foodies; Talking quantity, quality, or variety? Restaurants in Kampala offer the best food there is. Indian, Chinese, local, and Continental cuisines being the most popularly served in urban restaurants across the city. Do you want to learn how to prepare a Ugandan local meal? there’s an experience for you as well. You’ve not had a full Kampala food experience without tasting the street food. The Rolex; Omelette wrapped in chapati is a delicious and filling meal popular to Kampala, gonja which is locally roasted plantain is another food to try.

Source: Ugaroll Uganda Facebook

For Sports Lovers: Uganda is a social community. Ugandans will create any opportunity to come together and what better way than through a sport? If you are a fan of games such as Rugby, Football, Lacrosse, and Cricket, you will have a great time exploring Kampala’s social compass. During Rugby season, the Kyadondo Rugby ground comes alive with revelers. The grounds come well-equipped with a bar and signature roast of pork and chicken.  Adjacent to it is the Lugogo indoor stadium with Basketball games, tennis and several indoor sports for your enjoyment.

Uganda Rugby game Source: Sportsnation

For Nature Lovers: The Pearl of Africa is the gift that keeps giving! Kampala city has seven hills which hold some of the most scenic views of the lush green and architectural wealth of the city. Some of the best views are on Buziga Hill which has a distant view of the Lake Victoria and her surroundings, Naguru Hill whose birds’ eye view reveals the structure and diversity of Kampala city, Kololo Hill which is perfect for strolls for the lovers of trees and quiet boulevards.

The view from Buziga Hill. Source: hereinuganda.com

For Shopaholics: When it comes to keepsakes and souvenirs, Kampala has a range of crafted products, relics such as backcloth, kikoyi, and other pieces that you can take as a reminder of the lovely time you had in Kampala. The African Village on Buganda Road offers a wide range of Ugandan made or inspired jewelry, bags, shoes, and much more. Kampala has a variety of shopping malls including The Acacia Mall in Kololo, Village Mall in Bugolobi, Arena Mall in Nsambya, all under 25 mins away from the CBD.

African Craft Village, Buganda Road, Kampala  Source: guide2uganda.com

This is only a glimpse into what Kampala has to offer. More to this is the literary world with libraries and poetry nights, sightseeing with beautiful mosques, temples, and churches, innovation with tech hubs and factory visits that display Uganda’s creative potential. 

Above all, Ugandan people will give you the ultimate Ugandan experience. The warmth of the Ugandan people is always a highlight. Make your plans and come visit Kampala. It will be well-worth it!

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